With the main aim of building a better tomorrow for children, our educators emphasize the overall growth and development of our students to enhance their problem solving, evaluation, solidarity, communication, creativity and innovation skills.
We believe in a balance of pursuing academic mastery, gently urging students out of their comfort zone to aim for new challenges. We aim to make ‘future fit’ minds that are disciplined, ethical and respectful.
We encourage our children to set some goals and provide them with the support and guidelines to achieve those goals.
We at Vidya Niketan Public School believes that students and educators shall work together in harmony for the future well being of our children that will set course for a better world for everyone alike.
To support and guide our children’s learning, we call for the support of our dear parents in ensuring that our children:
Attend school daily and arrive on time
Complete all homework assignments given by teachers
Read books and newspaper daily to develop a love for reading and to enhance literacy skills
Share school experiences with you
Adhere to proper decorum
Eat healthy food and avoid junk food to promote better health and well being
At Vidya Niketan Public School, our students are encouraged and guided to become a responsible, socially aware and humane individuals working for the betterment of the society as a whole.
Shashi Sharma
(Vidya Niketan Public School, Nanakpura)